7 Steps to Life: The Completely Natural Way to Quit Smoking!
7 Steps to Life: The Completely Natural Way to Quit Smoking!
7 Steps to Life

7 Steps to Life Founder Mel Calvert

The latest number of smoking deaths, just released by CDC, now stands at over 480,000!

7 Steps to Life™ - The Natural Way to Quit Smoking

Welcome to 7 Steps to Life™. We are the completely natural way to quit smoking and our motto is: “Our Quitters are Winners!”


Just What is Our System for Quitting Smoking?


7 Steps to Life™ is a totally natural way of getting rid of the nicotine addiction. We’re serious: totally and completely natural. There are many who claim to be doing the same thing but if they offer a product of any kind that you must buy: a pill, a patch, nicotine gum or inhaler, or any kind of similar gimmick - even the e-cigarette – beware!  There is plenty of research available that will tell you these methods are simply not effective. For example, last year, over $800 million was spent on Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) systems that do not work.


What are the 7 Steps and how do they work?


  1. Step One is our unique way of showing you how to prepare - one of the most important of all the steps.
  2. Step Two advises when to begin the process.  Not the first day.  You are the one who makes that decision.
  3. Step Three is our unique way of communicating that decision.
  4. Step Four shares the burden.  Everyone loves this step.
  5. Step Five helps one to realize he/she is ready.
  6. Step Six is the Magic Bullet that kills the withdrawals instantly.  (Discovered by Mel over 30 years ago when he kicked his 3 pack a day addiction once and for all.)
  7. Step Seven is The Promise that has made the difference in so many lives - the cement that holds all the steps together!


Businesses Benefit From Our Assistance

We help businesses promote healthier living for their employees and we guide individuals giving them the strength they need to kick the habit through a fully natural and healthy process. Did you know that smokers cost their employers more than $6,000 per year in loss of production alone? 7 Steps to Life™ helps protect your bottom line and your well being.


HR Directors Take Note


All the above will be explained to your employees in detail at our orientation seminar.  The dependants of your employees are also eligible for the program at no additional charge!  For more detailed information about how 7 Steps to Life™ can assist your business and help your employees contact us right now. 

Clinically Proven, All Natural and Effective

Don’t just take our word for how effective and amazing 7 Steps to Life™ is. Read what others are saying below: (More on our Testimonials page.)



"This Method, 7 Steps to Life, is medically safe and very effective in breaking the nicotine addiction.  If one follows each of the 7 steps to the letter, he or she will never smoke again."


Dr. William M. Kuhlmann

Past President, Hamilton County Public Health Board, Cincinnati, OH



“Oh, how I wish I had known about 7 Steps to Life™ years ago.  After trying the patch and the gum and several other failed methods, this was a breeze.  I lost all urges within the first week and have now been smoke-free for over 3 months.  I feel so much better, I breathe much easier and my cough is almost completely gone.  7 Steps is the bomb!”


Roger A.

Brainerd, MN


Contact Us

If you have decided that you really want to quit and you are determined to do it then . . .


Get Started Now! We will help you!


If you have any questions you can contact us at:


Toll Free Hotline: 877-982-QUIT (7848)

Office Phone Number: 812-932-4321

Email: info@7stepstolife.com




If, for any reason, at any time within 60 days following the receiving of your purchase and the receipt in our office of your chosen quit date, (if applicable) at info@7stepstolife.com or by USPS, you are not completely satisfied with any item or service from 7 Steps to Life, Inc., 7stepstolife.com or Berthasbattle.com, we will refund your entire purchase price, including sales taxes, shipping and handling, if any.  We will issue a credit to your card immediately upon request.  No questions asked; No hoops to jump through!  Let your conscience be your guide!

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