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"This Method, 7 Steps to Life™ is medically safe and very effective in breaking the nicotine addiction.  If one follows each of the 7 steps to the letter, he or she will never smoke again."

-Dr. William M. Kuhlmann

Past President

Hamilton County Public Health Board, Cincinnati, OH



  • Last year, over $800 million was spent on NRT products - the patch, gum, inhaler - that are only 7.5% successful.  Check it here.
  • Many doctors and medical facilities get paid for prescribing these items.  Check it here.  
  • Over 90% of those who have used our system have been successful.  Check it here.

And, finally, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  Everything to gain and nothing to lose!


Do you really want to Quit Smoking? - Really Quit???


Have you tried many times . . . and failed? 


Or, do you have a loved one or close friend who smokes?

(Doesn't it break your heart every time you see them light up?)




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A Word

From our Founder


Our efforts and our faith in our product are being rewarded on a daily basis, and we will be going global very soon. Our 7 Steps to Life System will translate into any language and, we are eager to share our life-saving system with our friends and neighbors around the globe!


Again, my special congratulations to those who have joined our "Quitters' Club," but we always have room for a lot more.  So, if you have been thinking about it, for yourself or a loved one, there is never a better time than right now to get started on the process !  


God bless you all. 


Mel Calvert

7 Steps to Life, Inc

Founder/Board Chairman



 "Educating yourself does not mean you were stupid in the first place. It means you were intelligent to know that there is a whole lot to learn."
- Melanie Joy

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Join with us to help prevent youth from being trapped into an addiction that experts agree is harder to kick than heroin and  even more devastating!

Earn credits for your extra efforts (in participating institutions.)


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We're Breaking Out!

A special Thank You to Cathy Bellville, creator of the "Screen Beans" illustrations on our site and throughout our marketing.  She wrote the following to Mel giving us permission to use her work:  "We hope this donation will help you to get kids not to start smoking.  My father started when he was nine; he died at the age of 65 from throat cancer, three months after walking me down the aisle at my wedding.  My mother also died of throat cancer.  She was 57.  Thank you for your good work.  I'm glad my work can help in this effort."

Screen Beans are a registered trademark of A Bit Better Corporation




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About the the cost of just one carton of cigarettes in new York City!


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TOTAL Money-back Guarantee! 


Why such a low price?  

How can that work?

First - Compare our price to the price of the Nicotine Patch and Nicotine gum over the 60 day period that is recommended.  (7 Steps to Life takes only a few days!)

Strange as it may sound in this day and age, not one of the principals connected with 7 Steps to Life, Inc. is in it for the money!  We are on a mission:  To Help Those Who are Addicted!

Many of us have gone through this addiction and understand what it's like.  We Know!



                  Our unique Stop Smoking system works.  And, here, in a brief synopsis of each step, is why!

  • Step One is our unique way of showing  how to prepare.  One of the most important of all!
  • Step Two advises when to begin the process.  (Not the first day! You are the one who makes the decision as to what day will be the day you start.)
  • Step Three is our unique way of communicating that decision!
  • Step Four  shares the burden.  Everyone loves this step!
  • Step Five helps one to realize he/she is ready!
  • Step Six is the magic bullet that kills the withdrawals instantly.  (Discovered by Mel over thirty years ago.  It really works!)
  • Finally, Step Seven is The Promise that has made the difference in so many lives; the cement that holds all the steps together!


All Natural - No Prescriptions to Buy

                  No Upsells!

Withdrawals Eliminated

  Naturally and Quickly

Personal Support and Reinforcement

We Understand Nicotine Addiction


     We have been through it!            




If, for any reason, at any time within 60 days following the receiving of your purchase and the receipt in our office of your chosen quit date, (if applicable)at info@7stepstolife.com or by USPS, you are not completely satisfied with any item or service from 7 Steps to Life, Inc., 7stepstolife.com or Berthasbattle.com, we will refund your entire purchase price, including sales taxes, shipping and handling, if any.  We will isissue a credit to your card immediately upon request.  No questions asked; No hoops to jump through!  Let your consience be your guide!

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"Our Quitters Are Winners!"

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